Welcome to Linked Data for Cultural and Tourism domains!

The Linked Data for Cultural and Touristic domains (LDCT) project will focus on leveraging semantic technologies into the cultural and touristic market, enabling intelligent solutions to integrate and analyze data from various sources, including touristic service providers, touristic associations and organizations, related public data sources, social media, and online news. It will provid a set of integrated tools that will optimize the visibility of touristic and cultural contents, both in touristic aggregators and concrete touristic service providers that will be able to integrate and align touristic offers with related cultural events, as well as to effectively disseminate their various offers along with related events. Data and content will be not only semantically searchable, but also aligned in order to foster synergies between different touristic service providers. Finally, the effective dissemination through various social media channels of the aligned content will increase the market reach of touristic service providers, as well as the engagement with their potential customers.